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Diving into the deep is the first retreat offered in a series of urban retreats this year! Every-one welcome. This years schedule will be up very soon. Study groups, podcasts, urban days, longer retreats, artistic empowerment events, etc. Stay tuned . . .

“Bringing traditional teachings beyond the walls of the monasteries, in from the edges, into a potent form to meet the restless heart of modernity.”        – Jess Huon

Meditation is a process of discovery that supports a fresh and wakeful conversation with our human experience. In this, the whole world is viewed as our monastery. All aspects of our lives – on and off the cushion – are invited into the conversation.

People from all walks of life are welcome here. Whether secular or religious, an experienced or a novice meditator – everyone can find their entry point.

Jess has engaged in classical study of Buddhist teachings in both the Tibetan and Insight tradition.  Through solo exploration, trial and error (bush bashing), and time spent with other artists, dharma luminaries and mavericks, Jess funnels the classical teachings to talk to modern day people’s evolving concerns and needs. Her work embraces poetics, embodiment and the feminine.

“The Dharma known as the ‘great leveller,’ plants us all back on the ground, shoulder to shoulder, in our shared situation. The Buddhist teachings are sometimes known as ‘going against the grain’. The marker for our ‘progress’ is in uncovering inherent qualities such as razor – sharp wisdom, tenderness, congruency, bravery and clear seeing.”

Jess has been authorised to teach within the Insight tradition and Open Dharma.

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