your colours, your feathers

your colours, your feathers

Annual Women’s Retreat

Jess Huon and Assistant Teacher Chani Grieve

May 31 – June 4 Strathbogie Ranges, VIC

Unveil. Discover. Celebrate.

In this retreat we will practice resting and plumbing deeper than habitual tracks of mind.

We will touch upon the quality of regenerative silence, allowing for fresh insight to emerge.

We will look into the Buddhist notion of Prajna paramita –sometimes translated as the ‘womb of wisdom.’ We will unveil, discover and celebrate the way this inherent wisdom and sensitivity courses and dances through the female form.

Grounded in foundational Buddhist practices we will widen our scope to to include expressive practices. Teachings will draw on the facilitator’s direct experience, metta heart practices, and the poetic traditions. Guidance and support will be offered though meditation instructions, relaxation practices, connected movement classes, one to one and group interviews and discussions, dharma talks, meditative singing and dancing.

Base Cost: $545 + Dana for teachings


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