Two Streams

Two Streams

“Integral practice is a patient, all-encompassing, vital and sinewy affair”. . . – Auribindo

Buddhist practice offers us a generous view – that ultimately we need not be defined by our personal suffering. This gives us a ‘seat in freedom’, no matter how brilliant or messed up we believe ourselves to be. However an embodied meditation practice that fosters ‘flashes of freedom’ also begins to shine light on stunted areas of development in our psyche. Some meditators can bypass or downplay this uncomfortable material – yet many are knocking on therapists’ doors to engage in this personal work. On this day of practice and inquiry, Jess will draw on her twenty years of meditation practice and her own psychotherapeutic process. She will put forward her insight into how these two tracks to growth can work hand in hand, as we walk and sometimes stumble towards a ‘cohesive whole’. She will explore what it is to work across these domains – and where we might fall short if we don’t.

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