The Power of a Generous Gaze

The Power of a Generous Gaze

Friday, June 26th

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This evening will include guided meditation, walking practice, and a dharma talk.

The Buddha, through his practices of ‘clear seeing’ became a social revolutionary, radically challenging some of the ‘norms’ of his day. We will explore the way the his teaching and practices encourage us to see into the truth and the heart of the matter, cutting through assumptions, stereotypes and presumptions. What happens when we don’t place cultural or habitual limitations on ourselves and others, when we look with a generous gaze?

Jess Huon has been engaged in meditative and embodiment practices since she was seventeen years old. She has trained in traditional Buddhist monastic settings and also within intensive periods of solitary forest practice. This training has taken place in Asia, Australia, Spain, and the USA. Jess holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts, (VCA), and a post grad in the therapeutic arts practice, RMIT. Jess brings traditional teaching alive in a fresh, accessible and transformative manner. A natural orator, her talks have been described as “street language for the soul.” Whilst deeply informed by but not bound to tradition, her style is grounded in contemporary life.

Jess teaches retreats in both India and Australia, and has taught with both Open Dharma ( and Christopher Titmuss. She is a published author (The Dark Wet, Giramondo publishing) and when based in Melbourne, writes and co-directs for rollercoaster, a theatre company comprising actors with intellectual disabilities. Jess is currently under the tutelage of Sofia O Diaz, a master in female embodiment in the United States.

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