“We need to step outside of the frame to see the whole picture.” – Salman Rushdie

Retreats provide time and space – a pause from ‘daily routines’ that can often ‘dull’ our experience of ourselves, and life in general. Participants are encouraged to listen, reflect and ‘settle’ deeper than habituated thought processes. Within this restful atmosphere flashes of insight and creative responses to life’s dilemmas naturally arise.

Whilst the teachings support inner-serenity they also rouse us out of habitual complacency that separates us from our environment and ourselves.

The practices offered intend to re-kindle or expand ‘care’ for one-self, others, and our surroundings.

Retreats allow us to renew our sensitivity to both inner and outer life.

These meditation retreats are suitable for people with all levels of meditation experience. As they encompass rotating practices of lying, sitting and walking meditation, as well as movement and rest time, they are accessible for most people’s physical needs. It is not necessary to sit for hours in an upright posture – it is the inner disposition and quality of attention that is the most important.

Retreats may slightly vary in theme and focus. Some may include creative processes, a focus on deep rest, a community inter- relational component, or sustained periods of immersion in Australian wilderness areas. Intensive sitting walking and lying down practice are complemented with relaxation and embodiment / movement practices, dancing and meditative singing. Guidance is offered through meditative instructions, talks, question and answers, and group discussion. Individual support is offered through one-one interviews.

Foundational Buddhist teachings include Calm- Abiding and Vipassana ‘to see things as they are’ together with Metta practices ‘that include ourselves and others in our field of care’. The practices are further supported by other perennial wisdom traditions, poetic and literary traditions, and the expressive arts.

Jess has a unique ability to take you into a deep, reverent space and yet within the silence there is a sense of naturalness and humor – an uplifting, warm and supportive atmosphere where you can find your own way. If you are in need of some time to reflect, to step out of life and deeply rest your self, this retreat will take you there. If you have had an interest in meditation but never found the doorway in, this could be a perfect platform to establish a meditation practice. Jess’s refined teaching methods may also offer radically new perspectives for the experienced mediator.
– Neeta Hiirst, a recent participant.

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