Drop an anchor to your depth. Enter regenerative territory. Bring fresh news for yourself. And for your community. 

5 night or weekend residential retreat.

Come gather and experience the power cultivated through sustained contemplative practice! 

Embodied meditative techniques, both settling and rousing, will be utilised to collect, harness and brighten our attention. These practices also employ intimate and artful ways of seeing, and assist in freeing up our experience.  

Held in wild nature, generous silence and a supportive practising community, we’ll find courage to traverse beyond known and familiar loops in our minds. 

Unknown margins can be fertile. Insight and disarming love can arise. 

Extending our capacity to feel, we’ll offer fellowship to ourselves and others.

Jess’s digestion of this timeless body of work and inquiry, the Buddha-dharma, placed within our current contemporary context, will support our inquiry.

Guidance will be given to discover and forge our own pathway within the range of practices offered.

Please read the following information before booking.

19-24 April 2024
Opens from 4pm on the 19th, closes at 2:30pm on the 24th.
4 person shared room $755 + Dana (donation): book here
Camping $695 + Dana (donation): book here

19-21 April 2024
Opens from 4pm on the 19th, closes at 5pm on the 21st.
4 person shared room or camping $465 + Dana: book here

Baanya Biami, Staughton Vale, near the You Yangs, Victoria, 2024


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