Raw Abundance

Raw Abundance

Inviting her in

This meeting of women will take place in the LongHouse, Nipaluna / Hobart. The LongHouse is a communal creation hub, located on the original intertidal zone where the fresh water of kunanyi / Mt Wellington, meets the salt water of timtumili minanya / Derwent River.

On this place rich in nutrients, diversity and cultural heritage, we will be “Exploring the Goddesses of Abundance.”

As diverse women we will share and translate stories crossing cultures and continents.
This will be led by a focus on Kulamina – the embodiment of the great giver of life, and Lakshmi, goddesses who arise out of primordial patterns in nature.

Many women continue to face economic disadvantage. We’ll look into our capacity to receive, hold, and generate ‘abundance.’

What is it to ethically wield ‘gold’ within our financial realm?

We’ll explore the means to regard and safely activate the living energies these ‘goddesses’ shamelessly embody. We’ll widen our capacity to engage in what we most care about; bringing our unique endeavours to fruition.

This event is a collaboration with Ruth Langford, Indigenous Medicine and Donna Mason, Forensic Healing. All welcome.


11 March: 4pm – 7.30pm

12 March: 10am – 8pm


LongHouse, Nipaluna, 6 Evans Street Hobart



The retreat will include

  • Introducing place
  • Introducing energetics of myths + stories
  • Talks + group enquiries
  • Receptivity, stillness + movement practices
  • Ritual prep + ritual enactment
  • Celebration

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