jess_public_forweb“A natural orator, Jess’s talks have been described as street language for the soul.” – Anita Hirst

Jess speaks to groups including artists, health professionals, social workers, activists, philanthropists, businesses and CEO’s. Her contact with individuals from diverse backgrounds has reinforced her belief in the universal applicability of meditation practice. Studying extensively in both Buddhist monasteries and Western universities, she remains curious about the way our meditative practice can co-exist and support our engagement with all aspects of our lives.

Jess Huon likes challenging presumptions about what a spiritual life is or should ‘look’ like – not something we “put on”, but something intrinsic to our being. She endeavours to demystify the ‘meditative’ path, to break through misconceptions and barriers- to land us in the common ground of our shared human experience. She has offered talks in a variety of different contexts across the globe – including rural retreats, bush camps, and monastic settings, to international literary arts festivals and conferences in capital cities.

Jess is available to give talks on mindfulness meditation in relation to all aspects of our human lives.


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