Practice & Artistry

Practice & Artistry

“Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it”- Reggie Ray

Meditative practice is a training that asks us to arrest habitual movement of mind, and abide in an internal space where we are not jammed up against our ‘self’. This leaves room for a different kind of ‘knowing’ to arise. Whilst falling into depth loosens an isolated sense of ‘self’, this open space also shoots up wild arrays of distinct feelings, images and phrases – particular to our own nature. We can be instructed to not give this attention, to allow it to move on through, yet sometimes this creative material wants to leap out. What do we allow to roll by like unclaimed baggage and what do we pick up and handle? What makes us know, as artist Harry Dodge describes, when we are on the ‘beam’? How can we trust in our own movement, an inner quickening of congruency, and follow, follow, follow it, even if it doesn’t fit appearances, or seems ‘out of the box’?

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