Practice & Artistry

Practice & Artistry

“Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it”- Reggie Ray

Meditative practice is a training that asks us to arrest habitual movement of mind, and abide in an internal space where we are not jammed up against our ‘self’. This leaves room for a different kind of ‘knowing’ to arise. Whilst falling into depth loosens an isolated sense of ‘self’, this open space also shoots up wild arrays of distinct feelings, images and phrases – particular to our own nature. We can be instructed to not give this attention, to allow it to move on through, yet sometimes this creative material wants to leap out. What do we allow to roll by like unclaimed baggage and what do we pick up and handle? What makes us know, as artist Harry Dodge describes, when we are on the ‘beam’? How can we trust in our own movement, an inner quickening of congruency, and follow, follow, follow it, even if it doesn’t fit appearances, or seems ‘out of the box’?

The evening panel is a conversation framed within shared silence to look at the rich and sometimes less spoken of aspects of our meditation practice. These communal inquiries between Jess, students and guest speakers will draw on our collective richness and wisdom. In this session we will explore artistic practice and how this relates to our meditation practice. You are invited to bring the rawness and edges of your practice into the light of communal conversation. Let’s gather insight together. Come along, alone
or with friends and partners – all welcome.

Two awesome panellists announced:

Kirsten Moegerlein

Kirsten is a designer, researcher & artist living in Melbourne on Wurundjeri land, with 10+ years experience running her own design practice.

Kirsten wears three different hats as a creative practitioner: Visual Designer, Researcher & Artist. As a visual designer she maps complex problems and works alongside system thinkers, to aid sense making. As a researcher, she is interested in contributing to deepening design discourse around transitions and sustainability. Her PhD research at RMIT focused on the practice of ‘social infrastructuring’ as a means to build spaces of belonging to enable support with (climate) transitions. As an artist, she designs transformative rituals to help others navigate social and ecological uncertainty. Kirsten does this by re-enchanting spaces, language and relationships, to provide tactile experiences for people to play, converse and imagine alternative futures. Kirsty is also an artistic collaborator with Jess.

Nicole Ma

Nicole Ma began her filmmaking career in New York producing music videos for Whitney Houston, Sonic Youth, Grace Jones and concert films for Annie Lennox, Michael Bolton and the Newport Jazz Festival. She worked on feature films including Malcom X (Spike Lee), Haitian Corner (Raoul Peck), and My Father is Coming (Monica Treut). While based in New York, Nicole made her first experimental short drama Living Rooms funded by the New York State Council of the Arts. 

Returning to Australia she received a post-graduate diploma in film. She went on to executive produce the multi-media inaugural exhibitions for the opening of the National Museum of Australia, followed by the blockbuster exhibition Yiwarra Kuju, desert stories told through painting.She produced and co-directed award winning documentaries Dances of Ecstasy and Kurtal Snake Spirit. Her feature documentary Putuparri and the Rainmakers (Director/Writer) had its world premiere at the Melbourne International Film festival and international premiere at Hotdocs. It won the $100,000 Best Film prize at the 2015 CinefestOz Film Festival. She is currently developing the feature documentary My Name is Ma and her first feature screenplay Dinkum. 

The retreat will include:
– Meditation instruction
– Sitting, walking and lying down meditation
– Discussion and questions
– Dharma talk
– Guided relaxation practice

What you might need:
– Meditation cushion / stool / chair
– Shawl / blanket
– Your lunch and water

Date: 29 Oct 2022
Day retreat 10am – 4.30pm
Evening panel 6.30 – 8pm

Location: Abbotsford Convent & Zoom


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Or book your spot directly:

In person day retreat and evening panel conversation: $75 plus dana for Jess’s teaching

In person day retreat only: $60 plus dana for Jess’s teaching

In person evening panel only: $30 plus dana for Jess’s teaching

Online day retreat and evening panel conversation: $35 plus dana for Jess’s teaching

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