Potent Joy

Potent Joy

Sunday May 28th
Siteworks, Brunswick (see flyer)
 9.30 – 4.30 pm

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In our current world situation there is much to be serious and concerned about. Yet what is it to sustain an effective lightness in our approach – and not burn out?

What is the joy that the Buddha pointed to as one of the brahma viharas – known as the divine abodes.

What is the intelligence of joy and how does it cut through and air ate the space around us?

How might it keep us from getting attached to our own agendas and trips, in a way that ends up ejecting further heaviness into our world, even when we are trying to do the ‘right thing?’

What is a joy too that isn’t ‘blindly dancing’ over the injustices of life but arises from the deep relaxed belly, eyes wide open, in an hilarious and life affirming gesture. How might joy empower our engagement in the world?

Jess Huon_May 28 Retreat 2017

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