Pleasure – Devilish Or Delightful?

Pleasure – Devilish Or Delightful?

Castlemaine Weekend Non-residential country Retreat, with Jess Huon

Assistant teacher – Robyn Gibson

DATE – April 1st  2017

WHERE – Friars Town hall,

TIME – Sat 9.30 – 4.30 pm

The Buddha articulated the “Middle Path” as the road to freedom. He taught liberating and artful ways ‘to be’ with both pain and pleasure. It’s fairly well ‘tracked’ that many of us can habitually run away from pain, yet it is also worth considering that many of us also don’t quite know how to ‘handle’ pleasure. The Buddha once stated that we have a tendency to  ‘delight in being stuck’ and can unwittingly become addicted to cycles of misery, cancelling whole other more subtle aspects of experience. 

What was the Buddha’s relationship to pleasure? How do we personally relate with pleasure?  How do we allow for pleasure in a way that celebrates and affirms the ‘goodness’  in life but doesn’t provoke further suffering? How do we foster and learn to rest in ‘natural good feeling’ as a support to our practice and lives? 

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