Opening our hands

Opening our hands

Sat 14th Feb, 2015

A one-day country retreat with Insight teacher Jess Huon

 “It makes no difference what you grasp, when someone grasps Mara stands beside you.”

 In the Buddha’s teaching ‘Mara’ takes many guises, sometimes personified as the shadowy figure habitually limiting an ‘unbounded expression’ of our being. Together we will look at artful and fresh ways to shine light on the way ‘Mara’ works within our own minds, whom, when unexamined, is said to ‘tie us in knots.’ 

We will be supported by the Buddha’s victorious example as one who ‘Mara cannot overcome anymore than the winds can overcome the Himalayas.’

The teachings we will be exploring encourage us to live ‘open-handedly,’ whether or not we are currently living with an atmosphere of heaviness or levity. This gesture of ‘opening the hands’ is said to support an intrinsic movement towards greater ‘freedom.’

9:30am – 5:00pm

‘The Forge’
341 Barker Street Castlemaine Victoria

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