We enter the practice from right where we are.

Our own current state, whether exultant or despairing, is the entry point. The dharma helps us to ‘widen our view’; to look with curiosity rather than judgement. One to one sessions can assist in finding intelligent and skilful means (upaya) to deal with our own situation.

Sometimes we need another person to press us back into our sovereignty. Mentoring sessions meet us where we are; strengthening our fidelity to our own experience.  Our unique timing and unfolding is held in high regard. Jess’s approach is integral, landing the expansive dharma in our particular lives.

“Perhaps the most impressive quality in Jess’s practice is her incandescent commitment to practice for being deeply human.” – Jaya Ashmore, Open Dharma

Mentoring sessions can cover a range of topics in both personal and professional contexts. Sessions use both traditional and creative methods to wake us up to something deeper than the habitual currents that may dampen or restrict life. Areas of lock down or suffering are given the chance to be seen, in order to be liberated. Nothing is unworthy of investigation.

Mentoring / one to one sessions are available once you have met Jess either by completing a retreat or attending one of her monthly sessions in Melbourne. She is available via face to face meetings (predominantly in Melbourne) or via skype or telephone.

Kalyana-mittata is the Buddhist concept for spiritual friendship in service for waking up to this life. In this work we inquire together.

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