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Jess Huon with Melbourne Insight Meditation.

Insight practice offers us so much!  

Key insights mapped in the Dharma can assist us to unlock areas where we might get stuck in the same old loop (the old broken record).

These particular insights, written like freedom tattoos in original teachings, help free up and loosen our experience.

It takes support to carve out a deeper channel, a sense of spaciousness, to disidentify with repetitive states – to write fresh music. 

Through embodying these insights, we can learn to move through certain states that might have once tossed us around.

Here; we can stay mobilised and flexible in difficult times. 

Practice becomes our own. We become supported by these ancient maps and reference points.

Let’s look into this together on a day of practice. This is an intimate process of discovery.

Date: April 7 2024

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Augustine hall, 2 Minona st, Hawthorn

Cost: $60

Bookings here

Enquiries: insightretreats@hotmail.com

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