Natural Dignity

Natural Dignity

A silent meditation retreat with Jess Huon & assistant teacher
Wed May 3rd – Sun May 7th,
Kallara Conference Centre, Strathbogie Ranges

The Buddhist tradition uses many different names to reminds us of what is ‘at the heart’ of us. In the insight tradition we can hear words such as – “the unconditioned,’ ‘the island,’ the amazing,’ ‘the unborn,’ ‘the un-aging,’ ‘the far shore,’ or, ’ the very difficult to see.’ In the Tibetan tradition we can hear the term – ‘Buddha nature,’ sometimes translated as ‘intrinsic goodness.’
It appears that we can lose sight of who we are. The power of our impulsivity and reactivity can lead to tremendous confusion and dis-connection.
In this retreat we will be engage in meditative discipline in the service of uncovering or rediscovering our ‘natural dignity.’ We will utilise methods, not as something to impose on our-selves but rather as intimate and artful processes that can allow us to trust, un-grip, and relax. Fresh, liberating insight and inner warmth is then given the possibility to arise.
 Teachings will grounded in Buddhist foundational practices, the faciltator’s direct experience, metta heart practices, and the poetic and literary traditions. Guidance and support will be offered through meditation instruction, relaxation practices, connected movement classes, one -to one interviews, group discussion, dharma talks, as well as meditative singing and dancing.

Jess Huon has been engaging in meditative and embodiment practices since she was seventeen years old in Asia, Australia, Spain, and the USA. She has trained in traditional Buddhist monastic settings and also within long periods of solitary forest practice. Holding a bachelor of Creative Arts, (VCA), and a post grad in the therapeutic arts practice, (RMIT), Jess brings traditional teaching alive in a fresh, accessible, and transformative manner. A natural orator, her talks have been described as “street language for the soul.”  Jess teaches regularly with the Melbourne Insight Group,  (

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