Meditation and The Muse

Meditative practice is a training that asks us to arrest habitual movement of mind, to forge out an inner clearing, where we are not jammed up against our ‘self’. This open space gives room for a different kind of knowing to arise. Whilst falling into depth loosens an isolated sense of ‘self’, this open space also shoots up wild arrays of distinct feelings, images and phrases – particular to our own being. As we settle into the silence, we can begin to discern what’s outdated and stale (to be allowed to move on through like unclaimed baggage), and what’s fresh, leaping out, wanting to be followed – moved into form and action. 

We will be engaging in foundational practices in the morning, including calm abiding, deepening under over-activation, and then formless practice in the afternoon – walking the coastline, journalling, art making, moving, resting. Held within collective  practice, in a gorgeous, cared for property with private access to the beach and walks through national parks, there will be room to move between stillness and movement, opening to the regenerative qualities of the muse. There will be time to follow an inner instinct – an inner quickening of congruency, and follow, follow, follow it, even if it doesn’t fit appearances, or seems ‘out of the box.’  

This is a retreat for both artists and non artist’s alike – for anyone wishing to carve out time to settle into a deeper resource, as well as giving room for personal flow and inspiration.

Date: Friday March 24 – Tues March 28, 2023

Venue: Ravens Nest Retreat Centre, Venus Bay

Time: Friday 6pm – Tuesday 11am


Camping $465

Glamping $750

Indoor shared room $775

Indoor private room $950

Booking info coming soon

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