Inner Resource – Annual Retreat 2019

Inner Resource – Annual Retreat 2019

Aug 28 – Sept 1 2019
Strathbogie Ranges

We are great fools. . . Say we:
‘I have done nothing to-day.’

What? Have you not lived? That is not only the fundamental, but the most illustrious of all your occupations. . . Have you known how to regulate your conduct, you have done a great deal more than (one) who has composed books. Have you known how to take repose, you have done more than (one) who has taken cities and empires.

– Montaigne

What is it to rest into an inner quality of enough-ness and natural ease? In this retreat we will engage in meditative disciplines that support us to clear the static in a telephone-like conversation with our own depth. We shine a light on noisier mind habits that disrupt this connection.

A retreat gives us time to stop running, sit down and be still; to hear our own news. We will explore the way meditation practice can foster this relationship to inner resourcefulness. We are encouraged to meet ourselves as we are. We sit down and learn to meet our experience, kindly, wisely. Fresh insight and inner warmth is then given the space to arise. This can allow for a regenerative and empowering process to occur.

Teachings will be grounded in Buddhist foundational practices, the teacher’s direct experience, metta heart practices, and
the poetic and literary tradition. Guidance and support will be offered through meditation instruction, relaxation practices, connected movement classes, one-one interviews, group discussion, dharma talks, and meditative singing.


Twin share room $350 + Dana* for Jess’s teachings

Single room $500 + Dana* for Jess’s teachings

Please read our Retreat Information and Cancellations Policy before booking your place.


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*Following the Buddhist practices of generosity the teachings are given on a Dana (gift/donation) only basis.

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