Inner Flow

Inner Flow

How might the experience of Concentration/Samadhi (the language spoken at the time of the Buddha) lead to internal empowerment and increasing self-trust?

We hear the term Samadhi in meditation circles. What actually is it? What does this ‘gathering in’ of attention feel like in the body? Are these unifying and harmonising states accessible to us all? 

In this one day retreat we’ll unpack treasures in the trove of dharma teachings to support Samadhi and inner flow. 

We will explore the edge between ‘desiring’ transformative experiences and ‘fixing or clinging.’ 

Ultimately, how might these precious meditative experiences radically alter our lives, wash through inner congestion and free up our being?


Sun Oct 22, 2023 10am – 5pm


The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent




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Peter Casamento


Emma Swann

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