Getting up Close

Getting up Close


Please note this retreat is now fully booked. For waiting list info see below.

An exploration of boundaries and the boundless.

Assistant teacher Chani Grieve.

A retreat for dedicated female practitioners.

Where: Kallara Retreat Centre, Strathbogie Ranges, Vic.

We are calling out to all women, who might wish to attend this next annual women’s retreat – Getting Up Close. We are writing this to both men and women because this retreat doesn’t happen in secret isolation. It is offered in the spirit of mutual enhancement. Through this experience we can return more fulsome. The intent is to raise us all up.

As women there can sometimes be the subtle feeling of being undermined. It can be easy to attribute disempowerment to the ways others are treating us, yet how do we do this to ourselves? Whether in the subtlety of daily life or in overt situations of power abuse, where do we fog out, minimise ourselves, become tongue-tied or overly controlling? Our practice guards against withdrawing into old shapes of feeling overcome, or bound by control or perfectionism. 

In this retreat we will explore clear seeing and receptivity; relaxing, switching on and lighting up our wisdom response.

This is an invitation for a community of women to practice compassion and the wielding of kartika – the crescent shaped wisdom knife held by Buddhist female deities.

We will integrate straight backs with movement and flow; opening into our thunderous delicacy.

Grounded in the foundational Buddhist practices we will widen our scope to include expressive practices. This will include an exploration of feminine ‘embodiments of awakening’ and particular views presented in both Buddhist and Hindu tantric traditions. Teachings will further draw on the facilitator’s direct experience, metta heart practices, and the poetic traditions.

Guidance and support will be offered through meditation instruction, relaxation practices, connected movement classes, one -to one interviews, group discussion, dharma talks, meditative singing and dancing.

Participants are required to have experience in meditative practices, a willingness to engage in creative forms and to communicate honestly in relational practices.  

Aug 30th – Sept 3rd  2017

Cost: $395 for retreat costs + dana (monetary donation for teachings given at the retreat).


To go on the waiting list or for further inquiries contact Bookings Manager Annette Herschtal.

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