Exploring Freshness

Exploring Freshness

January 17th, 2015

A one-day urban with Jess Huon

‘Problems cannot be solved by the same awareness created them’, Albert Einsteen

Meditation asks us to both challenge and rest deeper than our habitual tendencies in order to allow fresh perspectives to emerge. This demands a willingness to withhold our ‘control’ and to ‘hang out’ in the ‘unknown.’ In many ways it could be said that we practice to re-learn a kind of curiosity, innocence and receptivity in relation to our experience. These qualities in turn allow for true discovery – insight and inspiration arises in ways we might not have expected or planned.

We will begin the year taking a pause from our usual activity and explore resting into what in Buddhism is sometimes referred to as the ‘unconditioned’ – a place of ‘sustaining depth’ that many ‘wisdom’ traditions, through a variety of different methods, point us towards. . .

9.30 am– 5 pm

Abbotsford convent, Room C1 31-Wellbeing at the convent 1 Hellers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067


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