Embodiment Fundamentals

Embodiment Fundamentals

How do we deepen our embodiment to ourselves, each other and the more-than-human world?

The Embodiment Fundamentals Workshop is an excellent opportunity to explore and experience how Wild Awareness (Claire Dunn), Meditative Practice (Jess Huon) & Conscious Dance Practice (Jake Potter) speak to our shared universal question of, ‘how do we deepen our embodiment to ourselves, each other & the more than human world’. Through this workshop you will learn and experience how the integration of these modalities can increase our wellbeing and sense of self through the wisdom of these diversely complimentary practices

This weekend workshop seamlessly intersects embodied practice and intellectual learning with in depth experiential sessions on Ecology, Meditation & Movement Practice, and a final panel discussion and Q&A on the theoretical intersection of these modalities with Jake Potter, Claire Dunn & Jess Huon.


The Integrative Embodied Practice: Fundamentals is for anyone who is interested in how they can integrative these diverse modalities of embodied practice to increase your own embodiment as well as for professionals who are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge to include these principles in their own professional work.


Abbotsford Convent: The Oratory

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, 3067, VIC




Full Price: $395

Concession: $355



Claire Dunn is a writer, speaker, transpersonal counsellor, and a passionate advocate for rewilding our inner and outer landscapes. She worked for many years as a campaigner for the Wilderness Society and now facilitates nature-based personal development and leadership through rewilding, deep nature connection and contemporary wilderness rites-of-passage. In 2010, Claire lived in the bush for a year as part of a wilderness survival program, an experience she wrote about in My Year Without Matches and is about to publish her second book, Re-Wilding the Urban Soul.

Jess Huon has been engaged in meditative and embodiment practices since the age of seventeen. An authorised dharma teacher, her lineage crosses the insight tradition, open dharma, and has been empowered by the tantric tradition. She has trained in Buddhist monastic settings, in inter-faith contexts, and within long periods of solitary forest practice. This training has taken place in India, Australia, Spain, and the USA. Jess is seen as a young female maverick, translating the dharma, to meet the restless heart of modernity. She holds deep regard for feminine principles and the ground of the body. A natural orator, her talks have been described as “street language for the soul.” She holds a bachelor of Creative Arts (VCA), and a post-graduate degree in Therapeutic Arts practice (RMIT). She is a published author (The Dark Wet, Giramondo Publishing).

Jake Potter is the Founding Director of ACEP, practicing Psychotherapist, Open Floor Movement teacher and host of the Embodied Life Podcast. He is the Award Winner of the Dr Rafael Locke Award for Clinical & Academic Excellence in the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Ikon Institute. Jake has received a BA of Counselling & Psychotherapy, is a Certified Open Floor Movement Teacher, Working Member of Open Floor International and Co-Founder of Common Roots; a Melbourne-based organisation uniting and empowering people through movement and dance. Jake has had an extensive teaching career which began as a Resident Teacher at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and has taught across Australia and the United States.

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