Does it have a role in our meditation practice?

‘I headed into solitude and faraway places to be with people where devotion wasn’t something to hide  – where I could let my heart rip in a more uncommon way, without shame. . . ‘

In this day-event, we’ll explore the role of devotion in our practice. What is it? Where does it show up? Does it have a place in our modern lives? What might we have forgotten or overlooked in our modern individualistic pursuit of freedom? 

Buddhism is often attractive to Westerners because of its clear methods in working with suffering and its intelligent mapping of concepts as sign-posts on the pathway towards freedom. Yet the Dharma with its many lineages offers entry points into deeper experience which travel in another direction to the rational mind.

The Dharma intends to ‘shake us’ out of our personal silos, to place our own lives in a much wider context. This asks us to relinquish control; to unclutch our hands and swim in a different stream. On this day, we’ll be exploring other entry points into practice. Let’s explore devotion together, in the daylight! 

Every-one, near and far, welcome!

We would love you to join us!

Date: Saturday October 31, 2020

Time: 10 – 4.30pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: $30 + Dana* for Jess’s teachings


The retreat will include:

  • Meditation instruction
  • Sitting, walking and lying down meditation
  • Dharma talk
  • Discussion and questions
  • Guided relaxation practice

What you might need:

  • Shawl / blanket
  • Your lunch and water
  • Meditation cushion, stool or chair

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Note the session will be recorded.

*In the Buddhist tradition students contribute Dana or a donation for teachings.

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