A yearning I can trust or a craving that doesn’t satisfy?  

Join Ruth Langford, Indigenous medicine practitioner, and Jess Huon, dharma teacher, in this one day urban retreat to explore, through varying perspectives, the quality of desire. Ruth will look through her lens of being in right relationship with All Life as shared by First Nations people across the globe. Jess, through a dharma view, differentiating ‘healthy desire’ from what’s sometimes coined the hungry ghost, or never-ending want

What about desire expands, deepens and propels us forward  –  or alternatively spins us in cycles of lack, greed and craving? 

How can we bravely follow through on certain desires? How might we know when we’re heading into a maze of distraction or abstraction, chasing the everlasting shiny new?

Together, crossing diverse backgrounds, Ruth and Jess will offer practices to support us in discerning between desires that might fulfil us or potentially diminish us.

What brings us closer connection to ourselves, each other and to wider networks?   


Sun Sep 17, 2023  10 am – 5 pm


The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent




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Emma Swann


Peter Casamento

Nayri Niara Good spirit Festival, 2022 Lunawuni / Bruny Island :  Lutruwita / Tasmania

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