Deep Springs

Deep Springs


‘We must continue to be open in the face of great opposition. No-one is encouraging us to be open but still we must peel away the layers of the heart.’ TRUNGPA

Timeless heart teachings

This course is suited for those wishing to engage in meditation practice and study to deepen compassion for self and others. Participants will be supported to cultivate a daily practice and their own unique expression of these timeless heart teachings that offer nourishment in our modern context. Together we will practice un- gripping at the edge – we will train opening into and through irritation, numbness, limiting views, judgments, offences and grief – all the inner terrain.

The heart, like the morning sun, has the power to rise through periods of aridness.

These practices raise the ‘water-mark’ of our capacity to feel
for ourselves, each-other and the surrounding environment. This can widen our sense of belonging and affect the way we relate with the world.

Teachings will be drawn from the ‘development of the heart’ practices expressed in the Insight tradition and the Maha-yana Tibetan tradition, as well as contemporary teachers and poets, Jess’s direct experience and trial and error as a contemporary female practitioner and teacher. Beginners and experienced practitioners welcome.

Format: the opening and closing events can be attended live in Melbourne or online. The course includes weekly talks, practices, readings and group discussion forums delivered online as well as options to attend face to face study groups in your local area. Mid-way through there is also a Q & A via livestream. An optional one to one mentoring session is also available.

Attend in person at Dorm 1 Abbotsford Convent:

Opening evening: Sunday Oct 20, 7:30-9pm

Closing evening: Sunday Nov 17, 7:30-9pm

Or attend online via livestream:

Opening evening: Monday Oct 21, 7:30-8:45pm

Closing evening: Mon Nov 18, 7:30-8:45pm

Mid-point Q & A for all via livestream on Weds Nov 6, 7:30-8:45pm

Livestreams are also recorded for viewing at a later date.

All welcome, wherever in the world you are.


$320 Online Course including opening & closing (live or online) and opportunity to join local face to face study groups. Option to pay via instalments.

$440 All of the above + a one to one session with Jess for personal guidance (face to face or phone session). Option to pay via instalments.

Course material can be viewed online so we are unable to issue refunds for cancellations.


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About Jess Huon | Jess has been engaged in meditative and embodiment practices since the age of seventeen. She has trained in traditional Buddhist monastic settings, inter-faith contexts of meditative inquiry, and in long periods of solitary forest practice. This training has taken place in India, Australia, Spain and the USA. In 2009 Jess was awarded a scholarship to study Buddhist texts at Spirit Rock, near San Francisco. She holds a bachelor of Creative Arts (VCA), and a postgraduate degree in Therapeutic Arts practice (RMIT). A natural orator, her talks have been described as “street language for the soul.”

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