DANA is an ancient Buddhist Pali word, meaning the practice of generosity, or offering.

Teachings and retreats run on a revolutionary economic model, based on voluntary giving rather than on mandatory fees. Rather than a commercial transaction, DANA expresses the appreciation for what has been received. The Buddha, a social revolutionary, believed all people, regardless of financial status or social standing, were entitled to an experience of ‘self’ that is both profoundly relieving and enlivening. The notion of DANA supports the sense that a price cannot be placed on teachings that serve the liberation of the human heart/body and mind. This way of working also bypasses the human tendency to try to “own” or “get our money’s worth” in relation to knowledge which blocks genuine receptivity and growth. These teachings have been passed down for generations without charge.

In teaching, Jess continues to work within this time-honoured tradition of voluntary support for facilitators, which has ensured the unbroken flow of spiritual teachings for centuries.

The basic fees for retreats are kept as low as possible, and usually cover the costs of your room and board, a minor rate for managers and admin costs, and Jess’s travel costs to and from the retreats. Within these retreats, Jess offers her teachings, time and skills freely. She, along with her co-facilitators, has other ongoing costs. Apart from day to day living expenses like rent and utilities there are training and study fees, planning and administrative costs, and training related travel expenses.

Your monetary support sustains Jess to continue this work, and pays and allows for others, who due to their financial situation, may have otherwise not have been able to attend. Your donations are greatly appreciated, without them the retreats and workshops could not continue.

We thank you for your generosity!

Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

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