In 2023 we are looking at providing a container to support deepening of practice – offered at an easy pace and format.

A few thoughts to give you a little more information, to see if it interests you/meets your practice needs.

This mentoring program is not intended to be a study course. It’s a container for practice and experiential learning, supported by Jess, situating the Buddha – Dharma within the mammalian laboratory of our embodied lives.

It would include emergent Dharma talks, fortnightly sits, discussions, small group reflections, peer interaction, and Q&As with Jess.

The primary focus would be in the deepening of individuals’ unique experiential practice. It would include an exploration of refuge – opening oneself to bedrocks of support and dependable insight, so our practice might flourish.

It would also include, following the panel explorations this year, a number of guest speakers, Jess’s Australian and international colleagues (people who are steeped in practice, within the demands of the every-day and within a modern context). These discussions would respond to and explore concerns, questions and ideas in the group.

Themes would arise in the wings of the Zeitgeist present in the group.

Topics may include, when and if applicable, practice & devotion, making practice your own, integral practice, distinctions between Dharma growth (waking up) and psychological growth (growing up), Dharma and expression/art, and practicing on/with country.

It’s intended not to be an added extra burden, another thing to do or tick off the list in your life, but rather support for practice to deepen into the everyday rhythms and demands of your relational/householder life. Participants would be expected to engage in practice commitments, and to have some previous footing in the Dharma, and be willing to engage in an ‘emergent’ container.

We are looking to start at the beginning/mid March and run the course fort-nightly for 6 months, until August. Once we gage interest, we will get back to you by the end of January. The booking process would begin early Feb. We are exploring offering this course at a sliding scale set rate, with some supported seats.

If you are interested in this practice container, with Jess and fellow practitioners, please let us know who you are and where you are from. This will help us structure the course, thinking about the in-house meetings, and see how we can accommodate you.

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