Blowing Embers

Blowing Embers

Ignite inspiration

Do you desire to stay awake for more moments in your daily life? 

Do you want to rest into a practice that can hold you through grief, joy, rapture, exhaustion, inevitable humdrum?

Would you like to nourish fledgling insights and shifts, so that they become sustained? 

Come and explore the steady flame of dharma practice.

Together we will delve into: 

  • Our original why for practice – what gets us onto the cushion? And what can be revealed through on-going practice?
  • Clearing away the ‘dross’ to reignite our desire for practice. 
  • How flashes of inspiration can be integrated into the day-to-day so we actually live them?
  • Small interventions that keep the fire of wakeful attention present through the day.
  • How to stay loyal to yourself when things aren’t going your way, when you’re not receiving external affirmation, or when you’re charting new territory.

This day will include :

  • Meditation instruction.
  • Themed Dharma talks.
  • Guided relaxation practice.
  • Group enquiry.
  • Q & A and personal reflection. 

Please bring:

  • Meditation cushions and a stool if you like to use a stool.
  •  A shawl/blanket to keep warm and to lie down on.
  • Water bottle (there is tap water available at the venue).
  • Your lunch.
  • A journal and pen.

With Jess Huon and Melbourne Insight Meditation

The Oratory
Abbotsford Convent 

10 am – 5 pm 

Cost – $60 base cost + dana for Jess’s teaching.

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