Bloom Online

Bloom Online

Digging into the feminine streams in the Dharma

I left my robes on the street corner. I watched them dry out like a shrivelled skin. I could no longer wear that protective covering. . .

This retreat is designed to support our practice as contemporary, multi-faceted women, within our current world situation. How do we practice in a way that hits the mark and nourishes, dspite the circumstances we might find ourselves in?

As we shed restricting modes of being (those old robes or outdated outfits) what can arise? 

We will harness the horizon (or whatever nature is close-by), open our hands, and ‘line up’ with quieter levels of our experience. We will look into the Buddhist notion of Prajna paramita – sometimes translated as the ocean of wisdom.

We’ll practice to settle our often overworked and self-harassing minds and bodies. In this, we etch out space for insight and regeneration. 

We will practice ‘getting under’ overwhelm to activate our life force.

How can we continue to bloom wherever we find ourselves?

Please read here for more info including the draft daily schedule.

Format: Grounded in foundational Buddhist practices we will widen our scope to include tantric and feminine practices of embodiment. Our own bodies will be placed at the centre of our practice. Teachings will draw on the facilitator’s direct experience, metta heart practices, and the poetic traditions. Guidance will be offered through meditation instructions, relaxation practices, movement, group discussions, dharma talks and meditative singing and dancing. 

Teachers: Jess Huon and Chani Grieve

Dates: Oct 2 – 5, 2020

Time: Starts Friday evening at 7pm

Finishes Monday afternoon at 3pm

Base Cost: $145 + Dana contribution for teachings

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