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Practice & Sexuality

Practice & Sexuality

Working with energies

When the going gets tough, or stressful, sadly, the playfulness of eros can clamp down.

At some point, in an embodied mediation practice, sexual energy arises. Its resurgence can be a result of dedicated practice and its energy cultivated within the seat of practice.

Whilst this energy animates and activates life, it can also be overwhelming, frightening, weird, addictive, and as we know, used in harmful ways. Some spiritual traditions have decided to safeguard against it; to negate it, wipe their hands of it. Yet the French remind us; “what has been denied will come back with a gallop.”

This day will be rooted in foundational practices to support us to abide with our own energy in liberating and healing ways – in resonant connection with self, other, and the world.

In this, we re-affirm and celebrate eros.

We will practice courting the whole gamut of our ever-changing human experience and exploring this particular energy.

The retreat will include:
– Meditation instruction
– Sitting, walking and lying down meditation
– Discussion and questions
– Dharma talk
– Guided relaxation practice

What you might need:
– Meditation cushion / stool / chair
– Shawl / blanket
– Your lunch and water

Date: 25 Nov 2022
Dray retreat 10am – 4.30pm
Evening panel 6.30 – 8pm

Location: Abbotsford Convent & Zoom


Visit for an overview:–retreats

Or book your spot directly:

In person day retreat only: $60 plus dana for Jess’s teachings

In person day retreat and evening panel conversation: $75 plus dana for Jess’s teachings

Evening panel conversation only: $30 plus dana for Jess’s teachings

Online day retreat and evening panel conversation: $35 plus dana for Jess’s teachings

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