Enough – Annual silent meditation retreat

Enough – Annual silent meditation retreat

Friday June 29 – Tuesday July 3

During this retreat we will be slowing down, refining sensitivity and giving attention to the life that moves in and around us. In this manner we will be fostering friendliness and interest towards our own experience.

There will be an opportunity to open our eyes to habits of compulsivity that keep our heads buzzing and our feet moving fast, as if life is happening somewhere else.

We will utilize methods, not as something to impose on ourselves, but rather as artful processes that can allow us to trust, un-grip and relax. These practices encourage us to not ‘miss out’ on the richness of this moment. Fresh, liberating insight and inner warmth is then given the space to arise.

Teachings will be grounded in Buddhist foundational practices, the facilitators’ direct experience, metta heart practices, and the poetic and literary traditions. Guidance and support will be offered through meditation instruction, relaxation practices, connected movement classes, one-to-one interviews, group discussion, dharma talks, and meditative singing.

Kallara Conference Centre, Boho South, Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria

Retreat fees
$395 + dana for Jess’s teaching

Registrations & enquiries
Important Retreat Information and Cancellation Policy – please read this before making a booking or an inquiry. Registrations are essential – spaces are limited

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