“…bringing traditional teachings beyond the walls of the monasteries, in from the edges, into a potent form to meet the restless heart of modernity.” – 
Jess Huon

Meditation is a process of discovery that supports a fresh and focused conversation with our human experience. Jess Huon’s retreats are grounded in foundational Buddhist practices. They offer a contemporary inquiry into what restricts and what aids us living as free, fulfilled, and conscious people.

Retreats provide time and space – a pause from ‘daily routines’ that can often ‘dull’ our experience of ourselves, and life in general. Participants are encouraged to listen, reflect and ‘settle’ deeper than habituated thought processes. Within this restful atmosphere flashes of insight and creative responses to life’s dilemmas naturally arise.

Whilst the teachings support inner-serenity they also rouse us out of habitual complacency that separates us from our environment and ourselves.

The practices offered intend to re-kindle or expand ‘care’ for one-self, others, and our surroundings.

Within the silence, we can renew our sensitivity to both inner and outer life.

Jess offers public talks and meditation session’s regularity at both CERES, Brunswick and The Buddhist Society of Victoria in East Malvern. See Melbourne Insight for teaching schedule.

Retreats offer an opportunity to re-clarify one’s way forward – to live in a way that reflects our most pressing insights, values and desires.

People from all walks of life are welcome to talks and retreats. Whether secular or religious, an experienced or a novice meditator – all can benefit. Meditation fosters qualities of mind such as inner resourcefulness, curiosity, and steadiness – qualities that are the ground for all kinds of pursuits –be they personal, spiritual, artistic, professional or political.



* Please check Melbourne Insight Meditation group,  for further details of Jess’s Victorian events

A retreat for dedicated female practitioners.
August 30 – Sept 3
Kallara, Strathbogie Ranges VIC

Tasmania forest retreat
12 – 18th November
Lorinna, TAS



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